Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum 2016 (GTNF)

Hotel Metropole

Brussels, Belgium

27, 28, 29 September 2016


“What makes the GTNF really special is the people who come and their enthusiastic participation. It is truly exciting and stimulating to watch all of these people come together and give their time to engage with the issues and each other in the spirit of inclusiveness that makes the GTNF truly special.”

– David O’Reilly, group scientific and R&D director, British American Tobacco


Welcome to the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum 2016 (GTNF). Today, the GTNF is the world’s foremost ideas and information exchange for the tobacco and nicotine industries and related stakeholders. The annual event is organized and hosted by Tobacco Reporter magazine, the leading international publication for the industry, and supported by numerous companies in the sector.

The forum is not just a meeting point for tobacco and nicotine executives. Each year, the GTNF attracts a wider range of influential voices from important stakeholders such as medical professionals, publishing, academia, tobacco control, media, consumers, retail, public health, policymaking and international relations. In an industry undergoing historic change, the fresh perspectives these voices supply are sometimes challenging yet always valuable. In addition, delegates take away important contacts and insights gained from this more interactive setting.

As a result, the GTNF is increasingly viewed as an ideal venue for debating the issues and seeking common ground in formal and informal encounters. Behind the success of the GTNF is a strong belief that deepening the conversation about tobacco, nicotine and public health can lead to more balanced and informed perceptions and decisions by all stakeholders.

Regulation, innovation and anticipation for the future are transforming the tobacco and nicotine industry. GTNF 2016 in Brussels will focus on all three areas, to help you ride the waves of change.

  • The GTNF – Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum – is the annual industry summit, bringing together leading commercial figures, commentators, and experts
  • Experience two days of speeches, discussions and debates about the status of the industry, the challenges we are facing and what opportunities the future holds
  • Network with influential figures from the tobacco and vapor industries, the public health sector and the investment community, as well as industry commentators and experts
  • GTNF 2016 will be held in Brussels – the city at the heart of European politics, policy and business.


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